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"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I live alone and never felt entirely safe until now. I know that now, I'm covered by the REACTOR."--Olivia A.

"It's really wonderful. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. The Reactor is the most valuable home accessory we have EVER purchased." --James R.

"Money well spent. Your company is great to work with. I was amazed at the quality and ease of use of the Reactor."--Matt L.

"Finally, a home security system that I can control with NO monthly fees."--Mario S.

"The Reactor did exactly what you said it does. You guys rock! I was a skeptic, but now I'm a true believer."--Ryan W.

"It usually takes me a while to learn how a product works. However, the Reactor is so easy to use and the customer service I received was top-notch."--Beverly H.

"As a new home owner we were not sure what type of system to install in our home. Due to the economy we knew it had to be effective and affordable. We are so glad we purchased the Reactor not only for our new home but our RV as well..."--Melissa C.

"I don't normally write to a company but, this item is AMAZING. When I demonstrate it to friends and family on how it works their mouths drop open in amazement. Kudos Safeguard."--Aiden Q.

"Everyday I learn more and more about my Reactor. I can't believe it covers my basement too!!! It's so cool!--Kelli G.

REACTOR Commercial & Residential Security System

REACTOR Home Security System

Do It Yourself

The REACTOR represents the First Major Breakthrough in Home Security in over 40 years! Unlike traditional systems which notify you AFTER the crime has been committed, the REACTOR detects and deters intruders BEFORE they breach any of the entry points of your home.  This state-of–the-art security system operates by monitoring subtle vibrational disturbances in your home known as “Pulse Compression Waves - PCW.”  With this NEW technology, the home security do it yourself arena has been changed forever!

These low frequency sound waves are emitted when any sort of forced entry, whether that be a shaken door or a window being jarred, is attempted which is then picked up by the REACTOR’s finely calibrated “listening” technology. If a PCW is detected that falls within the “intrusion in progress zone” the REACTOR immediately activates its 150 decibel siren and any high powered LCD light that is plugged into it. This intense light and sound combination will cause ANY would be intruder to flee from the scene leaving your home untouched and your family’s safety uncompromised. Now even though the REACTOR is truly a standalone security system, we have added an extra deterrent for your protection.



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